Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings

Your future is written in the stars.

Soul Session

Soul Session

Come to us for soul coaching.

Figure Out Your Future

Get a comprehensive astrology reading in Caribou, ME

What lies ahead doesn't have to be a mystery for you. With an astrology reading from Rebel Angels Tarot, you can find out what your future looks like. You'll get helpful insights about how to approach your personal relationships, work goals and home life in the coming days.

From the exact time of your birth, the planetary alignment tells us a story about who you are and who you are destined to become. We'll help you understand your destiny more fully.

We do not offer medical advice. Please take care of your body while trying to heal your soul.

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What makes Rebel Angels Tarot

the right choice for you?

An Ascension guide can use a variety of spiritual tools and abilities to read your past, present and future. We'll help you gain a new understanding of your soul and your life so you can make informed decisions about your next move. It's all about finding your truth and standing your ground.

By working with a soul coach, you can learn how to allow yourself to believe more and be more. If you can dream it, you can be it. A highly empathic psychic medium will help you embrace love, light, peace and strength.

Discover what a psychic can do for you

Explore the possibilities when you meet with your local psychic. You'll be able to uncover truths about your present, your past and your future when you sit for a reading.

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Astrology reading sessions
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